What is YoKappa.TV?
YoKappa.TV first started as a name from @frantastic23.Originally just a forum, we closed it up due to lack of interest and far too much competition in the forum space.

Now that we are back up, we aim to be more than just a forum for stream monsters; but also a service for streamers. We now offer a consistent and relatively permanent URL for streamers they can take with them as they migrate across the many broadcasting platforms.

Get your own unique URL here.
Why use YoKappa.TV?
Last year, Twitch altered their channels to provide viewers with a unified browsing experience. The ramifications of this were that streamers no longer had the ability to truly personalize their channels.

Many streaming services have come and go. Streamers migrated from Ustream, to Justin, to Twitch, to Own3D, etc... In there lies the problem of "branding"; every time they migrate, they had a new URL to distribute to their audience.

We solve both these problems.
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Channels are available as a "freemium" service. Any streamer can create an account and set up their own individual channel. However, those who wish to upgrade to our premium service will have the ability more completely customize their channels.

If you have any questions about YoKappa.TV, or just want to hang out and chat with your fellow streamers and stream monsters, be sure to check out our forums.

Example channel: 8WAYRUN.TV
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